Theme Of Flight In Song Of Solomon

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In Song Of Solomon by Toni Morrison, the setting takes place near Lake Superior in Detroit, Michigan around the black community. The story revolves around the character Milkman who is born in a wealthy colored family. The motif of flight plays a significant role in Milkman’s action in his journey. The motif flight represents escape from one's life burdens, freedom and life. Throughout Milkman’s journey to become more independent, and learn his family history. As a result Milkman achieve the ability of flight because he was forced to step out of his comfort zone and experience and see the world in a different and an unfamiliar way. The motif of flight representing one's life that is free of burdens, is clearly shown when Milkman and his best friend Guitar is confronted by a white peacock. Milkman ask why the peacock is unable to fly and Guitar says that the peacock has, “too much tail. All that jewelry weighs it down”, (179). The reason why the peacock is unable to fly is similar to why Milkman is unable to fly symbolically because the peacock’s tail weight keeps it from flying, similar to how Milkman’s wealth hold him down. Milkman’s wealth causes him to have a unsympathetic and cocky…show more content…
For instance, when Pilate, Milkman’s ant, was shot and died in his arms Milkman describes how he loved pilate because “she could fly”, (336) without leaving the ground and then “if you surrendered to the air, you could ride it”, (337). In this case the “air” symbolises life and Milkman understands if you surrender and accept it you could fly because Pilate accepted and moved on from her father’s and daughter’s death. She was free from any burdens and was ready to face what life had in store for her next. So Milkman understood in order to fly, he needs to accept what happened to Pilate because it is irrevocable, and it would weigh him down, and face his next obstacle in
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