Theme Of Forgiveness In The Glass Castle

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I believe that forgiveness is the theme of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls the reason being shows a lot in this book such as when the kids have to overcome the struggle of their dad 's drinking problem. Dad’s drinking problem affected the kids and mom a lot because it made them poor so they were not able to afford much food. When the kids were in school they had to dig out of trash cans to have a decent lunch. Another struggle they had to overcome was when their mom made money and dad would steal it to support his drinking habit but yet they still forgave dad. Mom also loses her job because she did not want to do it, she thought teaching was hard so the kids had to deal with their Mom’s dream to be an artist, not a teacher she ditches her teaching job for a low paying job because it made her happy because of this it made it hard for the kids to live a easy life but yet they still forgave mom.

After the Walls moved out of their grandma’s home in Welch they moved into a rotting house that they could barely afford because they had very little money the rotting house had no indoor plumbing and was also located in Welch. Dad believed that there was enough land at their rotting house to build a Glass Castle so Dad had the kids dig a hole. After the kids dug the hole Dad fills it with trash and the hole they dug up for the Glass Castle was used as a dumpster even after that the kids still forgave him. I believe that if I were the kids and I worked that hard to be lied
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