Theme Of Freedom In Fahrenheit 451

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In my opinion, freedom is the ability to do something however you want without the feeling of restraint or restriction. We as individuals, constitute our own freedom, because everyone's definition is completely different from one another. An example of my definition being able to say whatever you want at a Trump rally and not get jumped by a horde or people. According from my perspective of Fahrenheit 451, MIldred’s definition of freedom is basically escaping reality, She believes that the outside world is sort of worthless and has nothing to do with what she really cares about, which is her earbuds and tv walls. Besides Mildred, Clarisse’s definition of freedom is having a connection to the outside world. In other words, anything but relying on technology too much. In the novel, Clarisse’s family is socially different. They talk to each other and they don't use the tv as much as their neighbors. There are two types of freedom found in our and Fahrenheit 451’s society. They both include freedom of mind and freedom of body. Freedom of mind is the capability of being able to think or say anything…show more content…
I agree with freedom being a social construct because it is accepted in most countries, but each country or society has their own definition of freedom. In this case, one society's freedom can be another society’s anarchy. Clarisse ,in my opinion, is a character that is considered free due to the fact that she can do whatever she wants without feeling restrained from society. When Montag approaches Clarisse’s house for the first time, Clarisse explains “Oh, just my mother and father and uncle sitting around, talking”(9.) The fact that Clarisse explained to Montag what her family was doing so confidently illustrates that she is considered free because she and her family don’t really care about what people think about them, which does not cause that much tension or
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