Theme Of Friendship In Huckleberry Finn

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In Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn he demonstrates the themes of loyalty and friendship throughout the characters of Huck and Jim! This friendship was created when Jim and Huck were both joined together under the common circumstances of both trying to escape from their present situations. What presents this friendship as a very rocky but loyal one, is this relationship undergoes many trials and tribulations but still manages to become stronger than it was to begin with. Huckleberry Finn demonstrates how an individual can basically meet a total stranger and ‘’need’’ them so to say more than anyone they’ve known all their lives! Jim becomes a farther figure and role model for Huck more than his own father ever could. Twain uses Huck and Jim to show how the theme of friendship came to pass. Huck and Jim were equally trying to escape their problems. Huck was trying to escape because of his horrid consequences with pap, he feared that if he had not left pap the drunk beatings would have potentially worsened. Huck enjoys not having to attend school but he soon gets upset that he is being beaten and taken advantage of! Huck then shoots a wild pig, cuts it up inside the cabin, and spreads the blood on his shirt and across the floor. He also carefully lays a few of his hair follicles on the bloody ax to make it seem as if he has been murdered. Jim on the other hand is trying to keep from being sold to another plantation. ‘’I hear ole missus tell de widdler she gwyne to sell me
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