Theme Of Friendship In The Book Thief

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Developing Friendship through Justice, Love and Humanity

Human relationships break or develop depending on the circumstances. The values that creates a stable relationship may vary on historical setting or the characteristics of each person. The novel, “The Book Thief” written by Markus Zusak shows justice, love and humanity through the friendship Liesel and Max developed during the time of the Holocaust. In the novel, Liesel’s behavior shows justice and love through her friendship with Max. Although her relationship with Max in the beginning of the book was rather awkward, soon her perspective towards Max soothes and their relationship bonds to a friendship. There are some times when Liesel’s actions were unbelievable, especially during the Jew parade. “ ‘ You have to let go of me Liesel.’ He even tried to push her away, but the girl was too strong.’” (511) The time of the Holocaust was hell-like for the Jews. Just because of their religion, they were harassed and and abused by the Germans in inhumane ways. However, Liesel was a girl who stood up for humanity and justice. In front of the whole nation, she ran up to Max and hugged him tight. She knew the people would not support her, and rather turn their back at her, but Liesel valued justice more than the atmosphere in German. Liesel’s bravery shows the readers how much she truly loved Max, and she cared about him more than just a Jew hiding in her basement. And the significant part of this scene is a hug. A warm hug
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