Theme Of God's Law In Antigone

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In the Oedipus myth sophocles conveys a common theme that transcends into antigone as well. The oedipus myth does start the theme of fate and god’s law ruling over all;whilst fate is a big deal in the story, the main theme is that god's law rules over all. In “Antigone” Sophocles conveys that God’s Law is more important than Man’s Law by Antigone directly disobeying Man’s law so she could obey God’s law,by teiresias saying that creon should change his decision because the god’s don’t approve, and by Creon losing everything because he disobeyed God’s law.

Antigone directly disobeys Man’s law so she can obey god’s law. Antigone proves that god’s law is more important than man’s law by earning the opinion of the people by following god’s law
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“Then take this,and take it to heart! The time is not far off when you shall pay back Corpse for Corpse,flesh of your own flesh” This quote shows that Teiresias warns Creon that he will lose everything.“Think: all men make mistakes, But a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong” This quote shows that Teiresias knows that Creon is wrong and that he should try to make amends.

Creon shows how god’s law is more important than man’s law by him losing everything for not following god’s law and by forcing the people of Thebes to not follow god’s law
.Quote #1 “There is no happiness when there is no wisdom; No wisdom,but in submission to the god’s” (exodus,139)This quote shows that he has learned that nothing is wiser than submitting to the god’s and their laws.“ Haemon my son, so young, so young to die, I was the fool, not you; and you died for me.(exodus,91)”This quote shows that he acknowledges that he shouldn't have let haemon die for him because of his stupid law, and that it was his fault that haemon
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Antigone disobeying man’s law showed how that to her god’s law ruled over all and it directly impacted almost every single decision she made. Teiresias shows how god’s law is more important than man’s law because he directly told Creon who made the law, that he should free Antigone and go back on his law and bury Polyneices. Creon shows how god’s law is more important than man’s law because at the end he tries to follow god’s law and accepts that he was wrong, but still lost every due to the fallout of his earlier
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