Theme Of Greed In Avatar

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The major thematic concept seen in the movie Avatar is greed. When arguing with Dr. Grace Augustine, Parker Selfridge says, “This is why we're here; unobtanium, because this little gray rock sells for 20 million a kilo. That's the only reason.” Greed was the reason the corporation went to Pandora, . The humans went to Pandora to mine Unobtanium, a valuable mineral that could save the humans from an energy crisis back on Earth. In the movie we can see that the humans are willing to do anything and risk everything to gain what they need. They destroy the Na’vi hometree in order to access the Unobtanium under it, and have no consideration for the impact on the Na’vi. Greed blinds the corporation from seeing the Na’vi as equals instead of…show more content…
On Earth, he struggles to find his identity after his accident in war and his brother’s death. Once he is signed on to the Pandora mission, there are many scenes where he is compared to his brother by Dr. Augustine and the scientists, due to his severe lack of training. The entire time on Pandora, Jake is constantly trying to prove himself to the humans, whether to Colonel Quaritch or to Grace Augustine. He feels as if he does not belong with the humans or with the Na’vi. "Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world, and in here is the dream." Jake says this in a video log, and from that time on he begins to be more and more invested in his avatar life as a Na’vi. The turning point for Jake is when he is accepted as a member of the Omaticaya clan. Slowly, we see him integrating into their society as he becomes a fearsome warrior and chooses his banshee, as well as a lifelong mate. He creates an identity of being a leader among the Omaticaya when he rides the Great Leonopteryx and leads them into the final battle against the ‘sky people’ to defend the Tree of Souls. Jake cuts all loyalties with the humans when he transfers his consciousness to his avatar body. By this, we see that he has chosen the Na’vi way of life, and holds the same values and identity as them. He used to be disbelieving when it came to Eywa, but before the final battle he prays to her, where his disbelief has been…show more content…
We must feel that we belong to a cause bigger than ourselves, whether that cause is with religion, culture, sports, etc. However, we also must feel that we, as individuals, are worthy to live and that we matter to the rest of society. Jake Sully created a unique identity for himself as a leader and as a fearless Na’vi warrior. Especially in this day and age, we are constantly being compared to others and being judged according to society’s standards. Without a unique identity, we will be lost in society’s expectations of us. Humans cannot live their life without a unique

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