Theme Of Greed In Romeo And Juliet

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Greed is Inescapable

Everyone deserves to have that feeling to be overwhelmed with glee and happiness, but does there come a point when your personal goals cross the line and become selfish? Or greedy? But if it makes you happy should you have to stop for the burden of others? Happiness has no exact definition, but nearly all of us know the feeling where sometime in our life to be brimming with joyous emotion. Some pursue that feeling there whole life to never quite reach it, others are blessed to have it right in front of them. But then there are those who will not let anyone stop them from reaching their version of happiness. This can range from cutting someone out of your life who has often brought down your cheerful
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You might not always notice this, but use ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for example, almost all think of this story of two young lovers who deserved to be together but couldn’t. Romeo in this story is portrayed as the main character and often remember fondly among readers. But like it or not, Romeo was a murderer, he killed Tybalt. Yes many say it was out of love and it was him pursuing what makes him happy, but it was partly because the way the narrator told the story. If the story was called ‘The Murdering Montague’ and was told from the perspective of the Capulet’s would you view Romeo the same? Narrator's changing our view of characters occurs in both ‘The Lottery Ticket and ‘Twins’. In ‘Twins’ the man is probably in your opinion the awful and greedy guy, and the wife to be someone looking out for herself and he deserved what she did. But if you review the facts the man was doing what he had to do for love as he put it, “This guy had fallen in love with someone who refuses to see him unless he is free. She was raised in the Brethren. She loves him.” At that time he was talking about a character in his novel to his wife, although he was actually expressing his own views on his situation and his motive to kill his wife. If the narrator, perhaps expressed the characters in different terms you could have seen the man as someone who was driven by the thought of being with the women he truly loved. With the wife being someone who was a nagger, that she didn’t deserve him and that she is a brutal murderer. As for ‘The Lottery Ticket’ you view Ivan Dmitritch (protagonist) as someone who wanted to take advantage of his wife’s luck of winning the lottery for seventy-five thousand by telling her to use the money with things that benefit him. As soon as him and his wife find out that they might of possibly won the lottery he immediately tells all the things he would do
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