Theme Of Greed In The Rocking Horse Winner

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The Rocking Horse Winner, by D.H. Lawrence, is a short story about a young boy named Paul that gets addicting gambling because he believes it will win his mothers affection. The mother believes the only people that are lucky are those who have money. He believes that when rides his rocking horse he can accurately predict the winning race-horse. Paul places bets on winning horses and continually gets more and more addicted to winning the money. Anonymously, he sends a large amount of his continuous winnings to his mother. The mother grows concerned for her sons health and precedes to send him to the seaside to recover; however, he convinces to wait until after the upcoming race. She returns and finds her son still riding his rocking horse. He collapses onto the floor with a brain fever, but he is able to mutter the name of the winning horse. His mother realizes he is the root of the unnamed monetary donations to the family. The family places their bets and win big. Hospitalized, the son hears that his family has won and he passes away later that same night. In The Rocking Horse Winner, D.H. Lawrence conveys his message of familial deception and overall dysfunction through elements of greed and desire, which can be supported by aspects of historical criticism. Greed is defined by an intense and selfish desire for something. In The Rocking Horse Winner, the mother, Hester, oozes greed because she believes that the only people with luck are those who make a lot of money.

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