Theme Of Grief In Frankenstein

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Valverde 1
Joseph Valverde
Mr. John Salmon
Ap Literature
October 2014
Volume 2
- Chapter 1: Victor Frankenstein is going through great sorrow and grief as his conscience cannot handle the guilt caused by the death of the innocent Justine. He “wandered like an evil spirit” (Shelley 103) as he was unable to conceive peace. This state of mind preyed upon [his] health” (Shelley 103) as he was unable to cope with the present events and his guilt, this marks the mood at his part of the novel as that of despair and of regret. . Victor is then taken to Belrive in order to find peace, there he pondered about the outcome caused by his actions. However rather than finding the peace his father wanted him to find his mind fills with the desire of revenge against his own creation. Unable to handle the emotional pressure he pursues a lonely trip to the valley of Chamounix. Here the mood then begins fluctuating as he purses internal peace but his guilt keeps tormenting his mind. He first “ceased to fear, or to bend before any being less almighty” (Shelly 107) and “a tingling long-lost sense of pleasure often came across [him] (Shelley 107), however then he found himself “fettered again to grief and indulging in the misery of reflection” showing the nature of his internal conflict.
- Chapter 2: The beautiful scenery that surrounded Victor managed to divert his attention from the recent events, however the next day there was a sudden change in the mood as “all of soul-inspiring fled with

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