Theme Of Hands In Fahrenheit 451

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(AGG) “Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.” - Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451. (BS-1) It is throughout the novel that the hands of the main character, Montag, are seen seemingly acting by themselves, in order to help him to learn and grow. (BS-2) There are also many times when his hands are seen doing things for purely the purpose of destruction, but are in all actuality, doing these thing s in order to help him to achieve his goal of learning and growing. (BS-3) It is when our protagonist meets the final in a series of people who will teach him that the true purpose of hands, and by extension the life of those they are attached to, is revealed. (TS) Within the novel, Ray Bradbury uses symbolism of hands as a way to get the message that the purpose of our lives is to cause growth and change in a society.

(MIP-1) There are many times in the novel where we see that Montag 's hands will act without him even acting, in order for him to rebel against society. (SIP-A) It is seen that Montag’s hands will perform actions without him realizing it, and it is these actions that will help him. (STEWE-1) It is one of the first times it is seen that Montag’s hands act on their own, it is for this purpose. Like any other day at his job as a fireman, Montag’s crew gets in a call about a woman harboring books within her home. The crew is dispatched, and they arrive at the woman’s house. From here, the situation becomes frantic, as the

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