Theme Of Happiness In Great Expectations

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In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens tells the story in the perspective of a young boy growing up in England during the Victorian Era. Philip “Pip” Pirrip is the protagonist, where we discover his life experiences and expectations through his narration. Pip’s sister, Mrs. Joe, and her husband, Mr. Joe, greatly influence his childhood. He meets many people later on who teaches him that not everyone will be happy and what it really means to have “great expectations”. Through Pip’s journey, Dickens suggests that happiness becomes achievable if one learns to accept and fix their flaws. The key to happiness entails being humble and compassionate rather than caring about appearance and status. That night after Jaggers, a London lawyer, offers Pip to go to London to become a gentleman, Pip struggles to not feel angry when Joe and Biddy show him genuine happiness for this opportunity. “I never could have believed it without experience, but as Joe and Biddy became more at their cheerful ease again, I became quite gloomy. Dissatisfied with my fortune, of course I could not be; but it is possible that I may have been, without quite knowing it, dissatisfied with myself.” (132). Pip does not look forward to going to London because that means not being able to see Estella anymore. He thinks London would not bring him any good at all. However, he meets Herbert, a shipping merchant, who gives Pip an opportunity that later on makes a difference in the way he views happiness in life. Pip
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