Theme Of Hatred In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Everyone has a hatred towards something or someone and that is perfectly normal. When you have a hatred towards something that someone can't change about themselves, you should probably keep it to yourself. When you express your emotion of hatred to a person about something that they have to live with or something they enjoy, it can really get to that person. You can make that person feel unwanted. You can make them feel like they can't go anywhere or do anything without being judged. A common theme throughout all the units we have studied so far is hatred. The theme of hatred is important because it was the root of all the problems caused in all four of the units we studied.
Being an Indian born with too much water on the brain could spark
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Most of the hatred was triggered towards the black people. You see hatred play a big role in just about every conflict in the book. Almost every intense part in the story had to do with the hatred of someone or something. You start to see the most hatred present when Atticus got involved in a trial that was in favor of a black man. Most people during this time period hated the blacks because they were different. This led to people messing with Atticus and his family. Atticus was called a “nigger­lover” and other mean names just because of this trial. The black man in the case that Atticus was apart of was named Tom Robinson. He was accused of attacking and raping Mayella Ewell. Throughout the story you can infer that she was lying about the situation, but she just wanted the attention so she started the case. Since Tom was black she knew she would win the case. People went out of their way to accuse blacks of things just out of hatred for them. The two kids in the novel, Scout and Jem, even questioned why everyone hated the blacks. During the trial Atticus mentions some things about assumptions made about black people out of acts of hatred. “...the assumption that all Negroes are basically immoral beings, that all Negro men are not to be trusted around our women, an assumption one associates with minds of their caliber.” (Lee 204) Atticus is pretty much saying you shouldn’t assume certain…show more content…
Out of the four units we studied, the Holocaust was the most brutal because they were all very true facts. There were so many occurences of hatred throughout the Holocaust. Killing Jews just because they weren’t like you is not okay at all. The way Hitler and the Nazis treated them was unbelievable. They didn’t care that they were actually people too. The Nazis took them out of their homes and stripped them of their belongings just to treat them like trash. It’s hard to imagine how or why they thought it was okay to do that to so many human beings. People should be able to believe what they want and not get punished for it. You shouldn’t hate someone for their
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