Theme Of Hecabe

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This work written by Euripides, was the second piece that we read in which a woman had great power. In this play Hecabe, it focuses on Queen Hecabe she is very sad because she has lost a son and her husband in battle and she is also trying to deal with the sacrifice of her daughter Polyxena. Thus, puts a toll on her and there is only her son Polydourus left who did not participate in the war but kept the treasure and had to be careful. However, after losing all of her family members she now suspects the he is dead as well killed by Polymestor. Unfortunetly, she is right because Agamemnon betrayed her. She trusted him with her son and he did not treat him right in which she ends up searching revenge which she successful does kills Agamemnon’s two sons. In any piece, there is no belief that a woman can seek so much revenge but it is seen brutally in this work of Hecabe.…show more content…
It was a shocking play because in most cases women are more of the easy-going type but, this was not the case and she seeker of revenge to help her live with all the depression she has with her family. In addition, the theme of misery in which was suffered by Hecabe when her family was killed during this were, having her daughter sacrificed for the Greek army, and Polydourus being killed for her treasure. Also, Agamemnon suffered as well after losing his sons because Hecabe killed them in revenge of what he stole from her. This story had amazing twist and each character both suffered from the depression of the wars and resulted in them acting out. Also, this is like our world today because people never like to make these easy and forgive people, instead they like to get revenge on the person and then think it is all settled. To conclude, nothing good comes out of revenge because it just leads to more
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