Theme Of Hero In Frankenstein

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A hero, who is a person considered to be looked up by someone in a respectful way. A hero, who is willing to leave their lives to help someone. Having amazing abilities, powers but hero will not waste any of them. A hero, who would not waste the powers to complete the selfishness on his own perspective. Moreover, there should not describe a hero if he or she is considered as selfish, undetermined, and uncompassionate and so on. Heroes are supposed to use the special abilities to take up the responsibility of assisting people who are in needed. As defined by Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, in Poetics, a tragic hero must be considered as noble in stature and be involved in greatness, and also with mortal attitude and imperfectness. Further, Aristotle, who defines those plays or stories as tragedies where the main character is a tragic hero, who confronts his downfall due to fate, his mistake or any other social reason. (Definition and Examples of Literary Terms). Even more, when it comes to Renaissance tragedy, the protagonists that are considered as tragic heroes are usually kings or nobles people. What makes this significant is that the tragic heroes are not only characterized as individual’s issues, but rather emblems of the whole representative of state. In Frankenstein, which Mary Shelley has written and characterized the characters as inherently good and evil. In this essay, it is going to discuss on the elements about how the ideas of heroes. Looking at the
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