Theme Of Heroism In Fahrenheit 451

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Most people believe that heroes are born, but others believe that a hero can be made. There are many different types of heroes from night-time vigilantes, to the typical super powered ones. The beginning of every hero’s journey and development come the very calling or reason for the person to become the hero. In the 1933 Nazi Book Burning Party, many witnesses helplessly stood by and watched savage Nazi soldiers burn precious and beloved Jewish literature before their very eyes.
In Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, the author uses a protagonist named Guy Montag, former firemen who’d burnt books for a lively hood. Montag will later be transformed from a book-burning fireman, into a rebellious book-reading hero. Bradbury portrays Guy Montag as a hero by giving him traits such as determination, bravery, awareness, to better understand books. Montag will have take on numerous and daring tasks to achieve his goal of revealing the importance of literature, and why they should
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In the start of the book in chapter 1, Montage is walking home from the fire house. He meets a young, friendly girl named Clarisse McClellan. They converse for a bit and everything seemed normal to him until Clarisse starts asking him unusual questions and odd statements “I bet I know something else you don’t. There’s dew on the grass in the morning.” He suddenly couldn’t remember if he had known this or not, and it made him irritable.” (Bradbury 9). This is the first time Montage had to struggle think to himself in confusion, he has been living his life in a regular routine for nearly a decade now, that he never had the opportunity to see the little things in life, this alone really makes him wonder about his lively satisfaction. Like many heroes, Montage will learn of a new problem he will have to deal with
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