Theme Of Honesty In Band Of Outsiders

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Band of Outsiders is an intoxicating interplay between romance and criminality. The three lead characters – Odile, Franz and Arthur – plan to rob the house Odile is lodging in. Like any film of the French New Wave, there is a sense of honesty in Band of Outsiders; it’s so honest about what it is – a film. For example, the voice-over throughout the film is spoken by Godard himself: the director speaks over the film, even explaining parts of it! As for honesty within the narrative, there is an amusing lack of it – which is made all the clearer by the contrasting honesty of Godard’s cinematic style. “A Minute of Silence” – as I, and others, call it – is possibly the most famous scene in the film. Odile, Franz and Arthur are sitting around
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