Theme Of Honesty In Pride And Prejudice

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In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen uses her wit to attract readers deeply. Different from other authors, Austen portrays characters vividly and every character’s personality is distinct from each other. We also can find humor everywhere in Pride and Prejudice that Austen expresses through conversations between characters. The dialogue always makes readers smile knowingly because it reminds us the social issues behind the words. In addition, Austen uses a variety of ironies to express her own view on characters, both in her book and in her society. Austen successfully puts the wit into her books in three main ways described in the following paragraphs. First of all, with the distinguishing personality, it clearly shows the thoughts and feelings of the characters. For example, Mrs. Bennet is superficial and foolish that she only cares about her daughters’ marriages without any concern about their future lives. It’s also her pitiful part because she doesn’t receive an education. Therefore, she thinks that marries someone is rich and has high social status is the only way to make a living. She is also fond of gossiping and always uses exaggerated facial expressions to show her reaction. Compare to Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Bennet has totally different personality from her. Mr. Bennet is witty and intellectual that he is quite calm when things happened. The other vivid example is Mr. Collin. Sometimes, excessive inferiority may become arrogant. Mr. Collins is a classic example that he
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