Theme Of Hope In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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[A]Everyone wants to be something and do something remarkable, and be something bigger than themselves. How does hopes, dreams and goals affect people’s daily lives? [B]The desire to be someone and do something aspires everyone.[B] The will to do what needs to be done to fulfill that desire, however varies from person to person, because they set limitations for themselves. [C]With hopes, dreams and goals those limitations can be relieved.[D] Hopes, dreams, and goals demand that people give their all and strive to become more than they or others expect them to be. [E]Hope, “ Involves the will to get there, and different ways to get there” (Barry 1). The obstacles to face in life never cease, that's why, “...hope is important” (Barry 1). To…show more content…
Hope is what keeps the want to achieve them possible. During the novella Of Mice and Men the character George continually shows the signs of his hope diminishing because of the repetition of Lennie getting into situations in which both must leave and start a new. George repeatedly mentions of his intentions to buy and own a plot of land with a farm along with Lennie, Lennie is extremely comforted by the idea, though much doubt is present in George’s voice and it's clear he believes this goal won't be achieved.
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