Theme Of Hospitality In The Iliad

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In the Iliad, hospitality is a reoccurring theme that can change situations, inspire character development, and link itself with other themes to make concrete points. Throughout the Iliad, situations are dramatically shifted when hospitality is used. In many cases, when things are going awry, hospitality allows the characters to, instead of acting like animals, find the humanity inside themselves. For example, in book nine, Nestor proposes a feast for Achilles to try and get him to rejoin the Greek force. Hospitality is especially important in this example, because Achilles was angry but also hospitable. If Achilles was angry but not hospitable the scene would have played out much differently. When Achilles is angry but not hospitable, like in the original fight between him and Agamemnon which…show more content…
However, Priam sought hospitality and mercy rather than revenge. Hospitality is also important because of its link with honor and glory, another common theme in the Iliad. By combining the theme of honor into situations that also relate to hospitality, characters can make concrete points and develop the story. Achilles, when being to rejoin the army by Phoenix in book nine, is hospitable, however, he is also concerned with his honor as Agamemnon had just dishonored him. The combination of these two themes allow Achilles to make the point that he will be hospitable to his friends and fellow soldiers but due to the slight on his honor he will not be able to forgive Agamemnon. This shows how hospitality becomes important in situations that involve honor as Achilles is able to be hospitable to anybody but Agamemnon, showing that, hospitality becomes more complex when linked with the theme of honor, but just as important. Overall, the importance of hospitality is characterized by its effects on situations, character development, and its link with
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