Theme Of Hospitality In The Odyssey

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Throughout The Odyssey, the protagonist Odysseus is acquainted with the leaders and creatures of multiple islands on his journey back to Ithaka. Hospitality is an important aspect of Ancient Greek life, and the different people Odysseus encounters treat him with differing levels of respect. The various portrayals of the guest to host relationship can be seen through different actions taken by both parties. In The Odyssey, the recurring motif of hospitality that occurs in Odysseus ' journey and at his home in Ithaka provides evidence to the moral ethics of each character and their relationship with the gods.
Some leaders Odysseus met and inquired aid from treated Odysseus with dignity. When Odysseus washed up to shore on the Island of Scheria, King Alkinoos’ daughter Nausikaa directs him to the palace and is presented in front of her father. After describing his situation, Alkinoos responds in saying “But come, raise the stranger up and seat him on a silver-studded chair, and tell your heralds to mix in more wine for us, so we can pour a libation to Zeus who delights in the thunder and he goes together with suppliants, whose rights are sacred” (Book VI, 162-165). Alkinoos is seen here as a kind and reasonable ruler, who understands the importance of hospitality to strangers. Alkinoos respects Odysseus and his wishes to continue to have good moral standings with the gods, especially Zeus. This fear of the gods shows reverence and would prevent the occurrence of catastrophic
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