Theme Of Humanity In Lord Of The Flies

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Some say that humanity is not corrupt due to people being conciliatory and polite and kind. Although many will say that humanity is not cruel, the deeds that humans have done are which makes humanity cruel. For example, war and the violence, teaching and troublesome students, and bullying and the fond of hurting others are all reasons why humanity is corrupt. The horror of human nature is shown through war and the fear shown in any circumstances shows the horrors that humans come up with. In Lord of the Flies, “The terrors of the unknown,” and “The beast is human,” the beast signifies fear and the savagery of human nature through allegory in order to reveal that humanity is corrupt. Humanity is corrupt due to the fear that humans feel. Human nature is naturally evil and that can be seen in many contexts. For instance, in “The beast is human,” Samuel Hynes states directly that the beast is human:…show more content…
The terror that humans synthesize in a time of fearfulness reveals that humanity is corrupt. For example, according to the article, “The terrors of the unknown,” it is stated that “younger children… then the older ones… begin to people the darkness of night and forest with spirits and demons which had previously appeared only in their dreams of fairy tales.” If humanity was not corrupt, then people would not concoct up truly alarming creatures or ideas. Sprits, demons, and darkness would not exist due to their sinful existence. In Lord of the Flies, the boys externalized their fears onto an embodiment of their horror and their imagination due to their fear of what would happen to them. Fear depicts that humanity is corrupt due to the ideas that fear causes humans to make up.

In examining these sources, it is revealed that humanity is corrupt and evil due to many reasons. The savagery of human nature and fear that humans synthesize uncovers the truth about humanity and its
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