Theme Of Humility In The Odyssey

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One example from the text that shows odysseus does not have the incredible heroic trait of humility is found in book 101 the odyssey . in lines 416 -419 , odysseus says,”cyclops if ever mortal man inquires how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him odysseus,laetres son. whose homes on ithaca “ (384). odysseus wanted the cyclops to know who to credit for bringing him. his bragging almost cost him and his men their lives. Unlike odysseus, soldier summing does have the heroic trait of humility. he remains at the hospital to make sure Izzy’s daughter is okay,while there,Izzy says,”thank you,sir” to cummings (pg 119). the author does not include a response. this is because cummings does not think his actions require or deserve thanking;
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