Theme Of Hypocrisy In A Doll's House

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In the book “A Doll’s House”, Ibsen utilizes setting, tone and irony (diction or imagery) in order to display Nora’s deceptiveness and Torvald’s hypocrisy which exacerbate the discord between Nora and Torvald, finally resulting in Nora’s decision to desert her family. Nora continually lies in order to hide about her forge while Torvald suppresses Nora, intensifying her pretentiousness.

Torvald, throughout the story, is portrayed as a financial provider of the family who thinks he is the only one capable of making decisions. He is very conservative man as he demands Nora to be “proper wife and mother”, and “womanly”. Torvald thinks that woman are not to trust money; he concerns that Nora will waste it on something useless.
Torvald’s dominance is what additionally intensifies the situation. He is more considerable of Nora’s physical feature than her emotional feeling. After the ball where Nora danced Tarantella dance, Torvald takes her out of the hall and persuade her to come with her by saying “When you were dancing the tarantella, chasing, inviting—by blood was on fire; I couldn’t stand any longer—that’s why I brought you here.” However, when Nora resists, he respond with “… you’re only playing your little teasing bird game with me; aren’t you, Nora? Don’t want to ? I’m your husband, Aren’t I?” this shows that Torvald believes that it is an absolutely proper duty for the wife to physically please a husband.
Another way he represents his power over Nora is calling Nora
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