Theme Of Identity In A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Daily Joy to Be A Streetcar Named Desire
Our identities can be limited by our past experiences. A Streetcar Named Desire is a southern gothic play by Tennessee Williams and “A Daily Joy to Be Alive” by Jimmy Santiago Baca has a dark but hopeful mood. A Streetcar Named Desire follows Blanche Dubois as she attempts to reinvent a new identity for herself when moves in with her sister and her husband, but she ends up making trouble for everyone down in New Orleans. “A Daily Joy to Be Alive” discusses the importance to persevere in life .Blanche, Stella and the Speaker in “A Daily Joy to Be Alive” identities have been shaped through their past experiences and effect who they are today. Individuals are free to shape their own identities through familiarity, environments, and relationships as shown in A Streetcar Named Desire and “A Daily Joy to Be Alive”.
In the play a common sense of familiarity helps to shape the identities of Stella and the speaker of the poem. It can be inferred that Stella replaced her sister Blanche’s bossy and authoritative behavior with Stanley’s. Stella tells Blanche “I like to wait on you, Blanche. It makes it seem more like home”(pg 93). In the poem in line 18 to 20 the speaker says “I do not live to retrieve or multiply what my father lost or gained”(Baca). We can assume that the father in the poem was enduring hardships and their child was very able to see that. The hardships were so difficult that the child doesn’t want to be at all associated with
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