Theme Of Identity In Les Fleurs Maudites

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Our identity is defined as a distinguishing character or personality that make us who we are as individuals. Identity is a very powerful aspect when it comes to our own being. With human injustice, there is a social stigma where we use identities—these dignified aspects—to disapprove a person or group simply due to the fact that they differ from our cultural norm. It is the same feat with the flowers in Les Fleurs Maudites which translates to “The Cursed Flowers”. Themed after “the seven deadly sins”, the garden (Sancovschi) contains historically notorious plants that society has forced negative connotations onto. Judging by means of identity is a double-edged sword, especially with injustice since society’s mentality is more aware of the negatives than positives.…show more content…
Also incorporated into the garden is atermisia absinthium, otherwise known as wormwood, which is infamous for the reason that its hallucinogenic properties. Although poisonous in extreme amounts, belladonna offers remedy for high fevers and high blood pressure. Wormwood, known for being used in alcoholic drinks, increases liver and gallbladder function. Other psychotropic and narcotic plants are visible through the fence that encapsulates the exhibition’s path; however, as a visitor, “you cannot understand most of the important things from a distance, you have to get close”
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