Theme Of Identity In Shakespeare's 'On My First Son'

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In all four texts each of the Authors have been able to produce writing that connotes images or is symbolic and throughout each text links to a theme of loss of identity can be made. With that being said, the way in which each author displays this is different in each text. In the story of Macbeth, Shakespeare looks at the identity of a person as a Mother, a wife and a human by detailing Lady Macbeth 's famiy characteristis and attributes. One way this is shown is through how she willlingly wants to help her husband 's cause and to see the success of her Husband. Lady Macbeth is so willing that she is prepared to give up her own identity as a Mother and to ruin her image of a normal woman. After receiving news of the prophecy, Lady Macbeth alerts her husband by saying 'Yet I do fear they nature, It is too full o ' the milk of human kindness '. Lady Macbeth 's use of language here connotes ideas of affection, possibly that towards a child as she uses the word 'milk '. Lady Macbeth acknowledges that the loving kindess that her husband has and which she holds for him, however at the same time she stresses that this love of his holds hi back from taing the throne. In the poem 'On My First Son ' the theme of los of identity is very much apparent. Jonson 's son becomes lost to him physically which for the most part causes Jonson to lose his identity as a Father. However, with this being said, Jonson proves that he is still very much a Father as he expresses his regret and
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