Theme Of Illusion In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald introduces many concepts of self-created illusions. Desiring for the reality where everything is fake. love under an illusion is not true love, it can only be meaningful when the reality manages to accomplish it. Many moments were lost of oneself willing continuing to live in the past. Striving goodness, self-reflect of a shining mirror, brighter than the billboard sign of the 1920s. The roaring 20s where American dream was at the edge of every seat. The narrator Nick Carraway a successful broker of wall street. Embracing the story of Jay Gatsby, a man which desire more than his fate has offered. Born in a poor family of a farmer. Jay has dreamt of been more than the life that was given by his mother and father. As god can 't even blame for an individual wanting what was beyond their capability. Striving for Daisy, The girl he once loves, who married a man that you would call the reflecting of the emptiness generation. Creating the newly rich Gatsby, fill with an illusion of party, guest, and love. between gatsby requoted love and subsequent re-animation of the flaws of humanity. Tom Buchanan is a man with alpha appearance. Money, power is what America dreamt about, married a beautiful woman and still finding love in another. As a person, can you truly say Tom is in the wrong?. Money is an object that many individuals, not just American is striving for. As been Arrogant like reflecting on how own money, he himself cannot see with his
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