Theme Of Individualism In Five Point Someone

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INDIVIDUALISM AND LIBERTY : IN FIVE POINT SOME ONE AND TWO STATES Chetan Bhagat undoubtedly a gifted writer in handling the themes and major issues that are related to the youth and their concerns in particular. As mentioned earlier, it is no exaggeration to call him an exclusive and top-notch author in the sight of the youth. He always tries to the extent possible to give voices to the unheard feelings, emotions, opinions, and inner thought of the youth in each of his novels. A careful study of Chetan Bhagat’s novels by a reader can sense the two major themes – liberty and individualism in all his writings. In his debut novel, Five Point Someone, the three major characters – Hari, Alok and Ryan who always strive for liberty and individualism to the maximum extent possible in their lives. They least bothered about the education system which is existed at IIT Delhi. Unlike other students they never kept quiet in raising their voices and fight bravely against the very old and meaningless rules that are made by the old educationists whose knowledge was confined and limited to some extent. In the guise of these three said characters, Chetan reveals the horrible education system at IIT Delhi in an able and effective manner. He makes a dare attempt in criticizing meaningless education system at IIT Delhi where the students are compelled to concentrate on their examinations by mugging up the subjects instead of giving place to knowledge a top priority. The

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