Theme Of Individualism In Jane Eyre

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In what ways do Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre fit the Victorian era? Throughout the novel many elements of the book relates back to the following ways of the Romantic period. Jane Eyre shows characteristics of Romanticism. Jane Eyre expertly fits the Romantic period due to Charlotte Bronte’s use of individualism, the supernatural, and emotions and inner thoughts throughout Jane Eyre. The novel reflects the period in its focus on individualism through Jane. She is very diverse from everyone else, her mind is very brilliant, Jane shows that she is self-reliant and doesn’t need anyone 's approval. Jane shows an example of this when she confronts her aunt Mrs. Reed. “What would Uncle Reed say to you, if he were alive?’was my scarcely voluntary demand. I say scarcely voluntary, for it seemed as if my tongue pronounced words without my will consenting to their utterance: something spoke out of me over which I had no control.”(46) This occasion is not the very first moment that Jane shows individualism. Jane has a strong-willed personality and believes in herself. Jane is sure-enough passionate about her beliefs and doesn’t allow anyone to change the way she thinks or affect her decisions, as shown when she says, “Ere I had finished this reply, my soul began to expand, to exult, with the strangest sense of freedom, of triumph, I ever felt. It seemed as if an invisible bond had burst, and that I had struggled out into unhoped-for liberty.”(64) Jane stands her ground against

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