Family Inheritance In Selasi's Ghana Must Go

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Family inheritance can be physical traits, wealth or prestige, rarely would one consider the consequences of one 's parents actions as an inheritance. Throughout the novel Ghana Must Go, one of the most prominent themes Taiye Selasi, accentuates is family; importantly what one might inherit. Selasi explores one 's family inheritance not only through their appearance but also through the convictions of their actions and the reputations. Throughout the novel, we see the children of Fola and Kweku struggle to accept as well as reject the inherited consequences of their parent 's actions.
The unraveling of the Sai family happens when the surgeon, Kweku Sai performs an unsuccessful surgery and loses one of the hospital 's wealthy white patient. Ultimately leading to the family demand someone is held accountable. Incidentally driving Kweku the decision to abandon his wife and children, paralleling his father 's decisions, earlier in his life. However different the circumstances were, his reason remained the same; self-pity, shame, and humiliation. As the novel progressed Selasi juxtaposed families action and their child 's destiny. Kweku is destined to relive the events his father’s, endured when Kweku was a
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She explains her closeness with her mother feeling as though when their father left Fola used Saide to replace him and ultimately using their relationship which becomes hugely suffocating for Saide. The burden of being Fola emotional support falls to Sadie. She’s the youngest sibling and the closest to Fola. What she has grown to meet is his looming absence and Fola’s need for companionship. The need for companionship and emotional support conveyed in Sadie, and even more so in a conversation, she has with Kehinde on pages 239-243 which captures the siblings’ disconnect. Sadie describes her feeling like a stranger with her own
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