Theme Of Innocence In Brontë's Jane Eyre

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As humans, we come across new experiences everyday. With these new experiences comes an innocence, because they are just that, new. They are situations we have never been in before, so the lack of knowledge that comes with something new also provides purity. While we obviously gain experience as we grow older and figure out the inner workings of the society, most of us still find ourselves in these new situations. For example you don 't know how things work on your first day of a new job. Just like you don’t know how to handle the death of your beloved until it happens. Experience is not a state of being a person simply out grows from innocence. Both are states of mind that a person continues to go between throughout their lifetime. While this is an opinion, it brings to question the line between innocence and experience.…show more content…
The two main characters, experience different childhoods and different love triangles that lead to very distinctive endings. Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Ishiguro’s Kathy H., both show the complexity of innocence throughout ones life through their contrasting takes on this concept. Brontë’s take has on this subject, suggests that innocence is something we shed in order to become adults. Ishiguro’s novel’s outlook sheds light on the grey areas between innocence and experience, proving a young girl’s coming of age is not that
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