Theme Of Innocence In Huckleberry Finn

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At many times, not everyone understands a central idea or law that coexists in their livelihoods. There are several reasons reasons for a lack of understanding but one reason is innocence. Particularly in the youth generation, innocence is a critical component of their mindset. In Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck Finn disregards societal values and portrays his own innocence and childhood by running away from town and helping a black slave. Twain portrays Huck’s innocence and childhood when Huck decides to return to his simple, carefree life. Huck dislikes the social and cultural trappings and he found his own beliefs and values. Huck does not feel comfortable living with Widow Douglas and Ms. Watson. His motive…show more content…
Along his journey he meets Jim and decides to help him reach the free states. Huck was raised by a white family and understands the practices and beliefs that are expressed among the household; however, he stays true to what he believes. This exemplifies his innocence, as he cannot understand why whites take advantage of blacks and use them as toys. His innocence greatly impacts his character, as he is willing to take all the risk of helping Jim run away from the slave state; innocence also allows Huck to see the world at a different angle. Huck sees this journey as a quest towards freedom for not only Jim but also himself. Huck would be characterized as a proponent of individuality rather than conformity. Furthermore, Huck did not apprehend slavery and its contribution to productivity. Slavery is so inhumane and blacks should have just as much rights as whites. Towards the end of the novel, Huck’s true innocence is shown when he helps Jim escape his confinement at the Phelps’ house. Innocence got the better of him since he was debating whether he should inform Ms. Watson about Jim’s dilemma or should he save him. He saved him because he felt this was morally correct. He did not lose his innocence or “sivilize” himself towards societal standards or even as an
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