Theme Of Innocence In Of Mice And Men

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In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the character Lennie best exemplifies the trait of innocence. First, when Lennie and George were walking to the ranch, Lennie found a dead mouse which George made him get rid of. Lennie then said, “I wasn’t doin’ nothing bad with it George. Jus’ strokin’ it” (Steinbeck 9). This shows how Lennie likes childish things like soft textures and small animals. This quote shows innocence because children are often very innocent, and Lennie acting like one makes him innocent as well. Next, when Curley walked into the bunkhouse asking where his wife was, he noticed Lennie smiling at the memory of the ranch. Curley assumed Lennie was laughing at him and started to fight him. However, Lennie would not fight
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