Theme Of Integrity In The Giver

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Have you ever had a belief that you were so passionate about, that your actions, words, and behavior reflect on it? That is integrity. Think for example, you believe being considerate is right. Thus you’d think before you speak, behave, or act. This shows consideration because you are thinking of how other people feel. That shows integrity because you are being considerate, which is what you believe is right. If you believe being honest is right, you would speak, behave, or act in a transparent way. This shows honesty because you are acting in a way that is easy to see through and trust. And that shows integrity because you are being honest, which is what you believe is right. In the book, The Giver, the main character Jonas, is selected as the next Receiver of Memory because he displayed four traits; Intelligence, Integrity, Courage, and Wisdom. Today, I will show what I have found of Jonas’ integrity throughout the book. Through his words, behavior, and actions, we will see the integrity that gave Jonas his role as Receiver. So let’s get started.…show more content…
Jonas is humble, and didn’t think much of himself. “But I thought-I mean think that you are the Receiver of Memory. I’m only, well, I was only assigned, I mean selected yesterday. I’m not anything at all. Not yet.” Jonas believes that he is not the receiver, so he explains that to the Giver. And this shows integrity because he is wording his

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