Theme Of Irony In Fahrenheit 451

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The world of Fahrenheit 451 is a world devoid of books. In this world the protagonist Montag is a fireman, but in this world he burn houses insteads of putting them out, he goes against his government and occupation to steal a book from a burning house. To most effectively convey his message, Bradbury uses symbolism and irony to shape the theme that Knowledge can both be joyful and painful. The symbolism helps to shape the theme is Fahrenheit 451. In the book on page 67 it says “The sand and the sieve”. The sand is the knowledge that is in Montag’s head and The sieve is his mind which can’t comprehend this newfound knowledge. This cause him to feel the pleasure of gaining knowledge but, pain from not being able to understand it. Another symbolic quote “The hearth and the salamander”. The hearth is a representation of Montag’s house or home and the salamander his job. Montag in the beginning thought that he was happy but of course he wasn’t and this is the pain of false knowledge. The symbolism…show more content…
Near the end of the book on page 106 it says “‘Why’ said Montag slowly ‘we’re stopped in front of my house.’” Montag being a fireman makes this ironic because of his pursuit of knowledge was his downfall. The point is that he went against the world he knew to find out that the world he got in return was worst. At the beginning of the book “It was a pleasure to burn.” Montag thinking this at the very beginning without knowledge he truly believes it is a pleasure to burn. At the end on the other hand the end with all the knowledge he has gained he realizes that it isn’t that he would rather be a criminal than a respected fireman. The Irony just like symbolism helps shape the world of Fahrenheit 451 and its theme. Fahrenheit 451 is shaped by the symbolism and irony that are riddled throughout its pages. The story is shaped by the theme and creates a great meaning Knowledge can both be joyful and
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