Theme Of Irony In Othello

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William Shakespeare's play Othello uses irony to present the central message that reputation is not an accurate evaluation of one’s character, for manipulation is very prevalent throughout the plot. Varying types of irony are used as Othello, Emilia, and Desdemona all are not able to grasp reality with the information that is presented to them. Iago takes away what is truly occurring to improve his own standings while shattering others. Emilia was unaware of her husband's intention to sabotage as she exclaimed, “I tell you, it makes my husband so unhappy, you’d think it was his own cause”(Shakespeare 155). Furthermore, on a superficial level dramatic irony was used as Emelia was blind to Iago being the cause of the predicament. It goes to show…show more content…
Shakespeare is alluding relationships may appear very close, although they never actually reach unconditional trust. Iago is selfish and believes so highly of himself that no one, not even his wife can share his goals. Iago created a mental blueprint to eventually result in the downfall of Othello. A major factor in doing so is gaining his truth through planned discussions leading Othello to mention, “Please, tell me what you’re thinking, what's on your mind, and give me your worst thought as bluntly as you can”(Shakespeare 167). To simply disclose the dramatic irony Iago seems to be reliable and trustworthy enough for Othello to discuss his romantic problems with Desdemona. Othello is blindsided to the fact of Iago being evil, wanting to hurt him. Shakespeare's is highlighting the central message, for those that appear acceptable to the naked eye may not truly be. Beyond the basic structure, Othello ironically can not see the battle of good versus evil right in front of him. Iago is being treated so graciously by all of the bystanders without them knowing he is the sources of their…show more content…
With respect to the central message it shows she cannot trust the reliable reputation of Othello. As it is looked into more, the audience did not expect Othello to become evil. He is dynamic with the expectations of learning from his mistakes and becoming a better person. The audience did not see show evil within him until the story progressed more towards the end. Shakespeare is trying to drive into the audience once again the characters and people in life with respect to the central message may not be as they appear. Shakespeare is actually discussing a person is born with neutral intention, they are not positive nor negative. A person learned from their experiences in life to see which choices will be best for them. Iago was the motivation to push Othello towards evil, places doubt in his subconscious. The environment and even more so the way a person is nurtured results in the decisions they make along the way. The words and actions of one single person can forever change the outlook of
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