Theme Of Irony In The Rocking Horse Winner

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As an author who has the sense of social responsibility, D.H.Lawrence never stops thinking about human society and he continues offering criticism about capitalist industrial civilization, which destroys interpersonal relationship. The Rocking-Horse Winner also describes the same topic that capitalist industrial civilization distorts the human relations. To better emphasis this topic, the author uses irony to make this short story more impressive. Irony can be divided into three kinds: verbal irony, circumstantial irony and dramatic irony. All these types can find the corresponding plots in this short story and I would like to analyze irony in the story from three parts. The first irony is reflected by a word. It can be easily found out that during the short story, uncle Oscar always calls Paul “son” instead of calling him “nephew”. It is really a strange call. At first, I think maybe in that area, people do not use the word “nephew”, and the word “son” is a replacement. However, despite uncle Oscar’s words, other subjective descriptions in this story all use the word “nephew” to describe their relationship. Then it may be another possibility that it is a sign of family affection. Paul’s father is seldom mentioned in this story, not to mention guiding Paul. Meanwhile, Uncle Oscar is the only male relative that always company with Paul. Thus, to some extent, uncle Oscar has a father image. However, what author wants to express from the word “son” is not the touching

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