Theme Of Isolation In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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In countries all over the world, people face tragedy and misery. Even though they may vary in significance, humans and hardships are universal. However, what does differ, is how a person deals with the pain they recieve. Through the characters of The Diary of Anne Frank, one can truly see how different people react to painful experiences. The themes of isolation, warfare, and hope displayed within The Diary of Anne Frank illustrate how people thrive while battling tragedy.
Throughout the play, isolation is a continuous theme in The Diary of Anne Frank. In particular, the theme presents itself in the beginning of the play. Isolated from the outside world, the characters dwell in a small room day and night. If they ever leave, they will face persecution. Initially, everyone is grateful to be in a safe place; however, as time goes on, tension between characters rise: “ANNE’S VOICE. Mr. Dussel and I had another battle yesterday… According to him… nothing, is right about me… my appearance, my character, my manners. While he was going on about me I thought … sometime I’ll give you such a smack that you’ll fly right up to the ceiling” (Goodrich, Hackett, & Frank 165). One can see that a ceaseless amount of solitude motivates their bickering. The characters often fuss over trivial details instead of expressing their true frustration. Subconsciously, bickering allows the characters to divert their attention from the thought of facing death. Moreover, the theme is present in the
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