Theme Of Isolation In The Giver

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“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” - Author Unknown
We tend to be the ones that isolate ourselves. We build walls around ourselves and we don’t let others in. Places and people sometimes divide themselves from the world. Many people, when they hear the word “isolation”, they assume that it is only referring to a social situation, or others just assume it is only referring to a geographical situation. That is far from the truth. Isolation can really be either one, and even more, as the definition of isolation is: cause (a person or place) to remain alone or apart from others. This states that anyone, anything, anyplace, can be isolated. In the novel, “The Giver”, isolation is an idea that is tackled, but is not really
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In the story, the government decides to isolate their community from the world, which is the world we know today. They did this so that there would be peace in the community. It creates peace between the people because they have no understanding of a world with disrespect, war, pain, violence, and extreme emotions. Their feelings are barren. In a way, the government did a good job of this because they are at peace, but I believe that sometimes we need to know what is going on with the rest of the world, so we can keep ourselves safe. The people in the community isolate themselves from each other as well. Their community is set up so that fives are together, sixes are together, sevens are together and so on. You don’t really interact with anyone of a different age group unless they are your sibling. All you really know is the others in your age group, your sibling, and your parent. You don’t really know anyone else. The interactions are dead between anyone else. Jonas eventually escapes this idea of isolation and he finds a new world, our world, with Gabriel. As the end of the novel was slightly complex, the ending wasn’t very clear. I believe that the community, sooner or later, continued on regularly, and they still continued this idea of…show more content…
We’re a very large family, but we’ve become smaller over the past 10 years. My family is broken into pieces. My father died on July 2, 2010 when I was 7 years of age. The other side of our family turned completely on my mother when they accused her of being the reason he passed away. My mother’s father and my dad’s family sent my mother to court. We won, but it still collapsed our family. The family that I have that is acceptable is miles away. My family isolated itself from each other. I consider us a broken family as a complete blood related family, but between the family I still have, we have a vigorous bond that will never break. In conclusion, isolation is a common idea that society deals with, “The Giver” covers, and my own life tackles. Society is capable of isolation in many ways, from the examples I wrote about Japan and cultural isolation. In “The Giver”, isolation was tackled socially and in their government, and I believe they still remain in isolation today. My family faced many counts of isolation, but between the family I do have, we have an unbreakable bond. I think that we should commence to stop isolating ourselves from the world around us, and just
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