Theme Of Isolation In The Great Gatsby

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“The worst cruelty that can be inflicted on a human being is isolation” was stated by former president of Indonesia, Sukarno. Isolation is the complete separation of an individual or item from its surroundings. Isolation can be voluntary or be forced upon. In the case that it is voluntary it is mostly for the benefit for themselves or the ones around the individual. However, isolation can be forced upon such as if some greater power makes isolation mandatory for the individual an example could be the suddenness of war. Separation is the action of being moved apart from one individual or thing. Separation is very similar to isolation but separation does not require to block off all surroundings. The theme of isolation and separation is seen…show more content…
Separation and Isolation can lead to a loss in dreams. Everyone in the time period that The Great Gatsby is set in had a similar dream. To become wealthy and own luxurious items and be at the top of the world. This was called the American dream. However, for Jay it wasn 't about the money or being at the top, it was to be with Daisy. Everything Gatsby did was for Daisy and for her only. Due to the long separation and isolation Gatsby’s dream was crushed because Daisy was no longer his. In the text it states “He left feeling that if he had searched harder, he might have found her”. This quote reflects back that Gatsby is still in awe that Daisy otherwise known as his dream had left him. This left him a broken man just leaving him to remember the past when he was so close to obtaining his dream. Comparatively, in “love song with two goldfish” The goldfish realize that they cannot give each other a life outside the bowl and do things like they promised such as “he would take her to the ocean, they could count the waves”. This quote explains all the things they were going to do if they were to escape their bowls but they cant. Instead they realize that there is no chance that this dream will be achieved and state the following “and he could not give a life beyond the bowl”. Meaning that a life outside the bowl is impossible and their dreams cannot be
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