Theme Of Isolation In The Lovely Bones

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Everyone in there life experiences the theme isolation vs. belonging, through life there are many situations this comes up in, everyone wants to feel like they belong but a lot of times there isolated and alone. More times than not people feel alone and do not like it, belonging to something makes you feel accepted and wanted. Starting at young age this concept comes up just when kids are playing there are a group that are playing no child wants to be the one left, as you get older into school there are cliques and everyone wants to belong to one no one likes being the loner. Even as an adult all there friends could be getting married and having kids i'm sure the one person in the group friends hates being the single isolated one with not even…show more content…
Susie is the main character, she is murdered at the age of 13 and the book is her watching her family and friends deal with her death well they try to find the murderer. well susies in heaven she doesn't actually like all that much she wishes she could be back on earth growing up with her family, well in heaven she wonders “Heavens where a girl like me didn't fit in. Where they horrific, these other heavens? worse than feeling so solitary among ones living, growing peers?”(119). She hasn't let go of earth yet which prevents her from being happy, she feels isolated and alone in heaven well she watches everyone she loves gets to grow up she wants to belong back to earth. Along with susie her family on earth also feels very isolated each family member in there own way perhaps the most her mother. Susie's dad has figured out the man who killed his daughter and only focuses on him almost 24/7 so her mother starts to feel very alone and doesn't know how to deal with her daughters death, her mother turns to the police officer handling susies case Len, she starts depending more and more on him and susie see this till one day her mother just needs to get away from it all well susie watches from heaven she her “mother was granted her most temporal wish. To find a doorway out of her ruined heart, in merciful adultery”(197). Susie's mom describes what shes doing as a…show more content…
At one point in the book well susie is in heaven theres a woman who looks after her and she gives her a map to follow susie ends up in the woods where many other girls come to, Mr.harvey is the man who murdered her and the girls she meets here are all of his other victims. susie describes it as “our heartache poured into one another like water from cup to cup. Each time i told my story, i lost a bit, the smallest drop of pain”(186). In this part its one of the first susie feels like she belongs to something in heaven, and it really helps to know that others went through what she went through to. When susie is sent to heaven there is girl ruth that she touches on her way up so ruth becomes obsessed with her and feels they have a connection, well there is a boy named ray who was like her boyfriend before she died and had recently just shared their first kiss both ray and ruth dont know how to handle susie's death and seek comfort in each other, susie see one night that “they were silent were silent and he was holding her hand. [ruth] didn't know whether he was holding it because they were observing my death together or because he liked her.”(203). Ruth and ray feel alone and don't know what to do say being together they feel they belong to something and it helps them deal with it. this gives the theme isolation vs. belonging a
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