Theme Of Jealousy In Julius Caesar

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Jealousy is a hatred for someone better than you and “acting like a child” means being immature and having no sense, put those together and get Cassius. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, jealousy is a big motif within the Tragedy; everything revolves around jealousy, without it what would the story line be? Everyone is a bit jealous but out of all the characters the one conspirator who is over the top filled with jealousy is Cassius. Cassius’s jealous child outburst usually is toward people with more power than him, in this case that powerful person is Caesar. Cassius’s jealousy leads him to tell people to go against Caesar which obviously leads to Caesar's assassination.
As acting as a jealous child, one may tend to speak bad about those who are against them, which is what Cassius gossips with Casca, “Let it be who it is. For Romans now / Have thews and limbs / like to their ancestors, / But—woe the while!—our fathers' minds are dead, / And we are governed with our mothers' spirits. / Our yoke and sufferance show us womanish.” (I, iii, 1-85) Cassius talks down Romans by comparing mothers and Romans saying that mothers have no backbone and rarely make change or speak up just like Romans when it comes to Caesar being elected as king.
Cassius envies Caesar because even though both are equal, Caesar is more respected and honored because Caesar had defeated Pompey. Cassius does a typical jealous child act and compares and whines that he does not like that Caesar as his leader because they are both equal men, “I cannot tell what you and other
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Cassius was not confident in himself so he constantly felt the need to validate himself through Caesar’s downfall and things that made him “higher than” Caesar. Which in turn helped to contribute to his jealousy and hatred for Caesar. Jealousy is an exceptionally deranged feeling and can lead people down the wrong paths; paths like
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