Theme Of Jealousy In The Poem Medusa

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Name:Roshan Mistry Miss Reid
Date: 30/05/2016

Question : How does Carol Anne Duffy use imagery to convey jealousy in the poem Medusa?

In Medusa, Carol ann Duffy presents the character as a very jealous and vengeful woman. She wants revenge. The narrator has a hesitation that her lover is being unfaithful and rude which has she has been cursed and has also made her into a harsh and angry Gorgon. In “Medusa,” the mythical protagonist is seen as being consumed by jealousy toward her old lover. In the end, they are killed by the Greek God Perseus, who uses their reflection in his shield
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Duffy uses a triplet to represent her thoughts running through her head. What started off as a suspicion grew into a doubt and expanded into a jealousy. Jealousy is like poison and is seen in the poem. The poison infiltrates the snakes which “ grew in mind” and is physically spat out.This shows the characters intensity of feelings. In the first line it shows that Medusa lacks in confidence and insecure. She feels this way because she does not know what’s gonna happen next, if her lover betrays her and runs away. Medusa uses Onomatopoeia to indicate the thoughts going through Medusa 's mind.Shortly after the triplet it is said that the snakes on Medusa’s head“Hissed and spat on my scalp”. The word hissed is used to see the ugly side of Medusa. Her thoughts cannot be silenced. This shows that Medusa is constantly thinking about her lover and what he might do. Medusa doesn’t feel secure. The onomatopoeic sound is from the snake. Some snakes are known to be human killers, the conviction that Medusa is evil…show more content…
Medusa says “It’s you I love,perfect man, Greek God, my own;but I know you’ll go, betray me, stray from home.” Duffy has put “you” before “I”. This shows the power of love.She only can think of him now. The protagonist makes the reader feel guilty and starts to emphasize with Medusa. Duffy shows the reader the other side of the monster. Medusa play’s with our minds whether or not to think if she is terrible. The change in tone shows us the true dangers of jealousy. At the beginning of the poem It starts with a triplet and it shows Medusa’s goal to turn him into stone. This type of imagery is shown in different stanzas to show
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