Monsters Theme Of Justice

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Fabiha Chowdhury 8-32 Monsters This book monsters is an outstanding book about an innocent person who was accused of something he has not done because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The theme of this book focuses on mostly Justice in my opinion because it is taken place in a court. I believe the theme is Justice because its about finding justice for the man who is murdered in the drugstore. Its also about Justice becasuse its also about finding justice for Steve who is also an innocent person accused of something he didnt do. The theme Justice also fits perfectly with the story because its also about lawyers fighting for Justice against each other. The Universal Truth for the story Monsters is ''Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." I believe this is the universal truth because the cause of the robbery effected many people. The injustice of the robbery didnt just affect the man who died because of it, but it also affected justice for Steve. The Injustice of one thing like the robbery can affect justice for everyone because the…show more content…
Although it mostly deals with the court and how they bring many witnesses and hear their stories toward the crime. The witneses' stories helps Steve's lawyer O' Brien find clues in which Steve is Innocent as well as trying to find clues in Steve personality when he doubts him at first toward commiting the crime. Also Steve talks about how he misses his family and has flashbacks to how he ended up in this
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