Theme Of Justice In The Crucible

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller, is a play about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Many people were accused of witchcraft in the Salem “courts”. Their corrupt political justice system was demonstrated through the use of false accusations and spectral evidence. Spectral evidence was the driving force of how people were accused of witchcraft and working with the devil. Abigail in open court accuses Sarah Good of working with the devil, “I saw Sarah Good with the devil” (Miller, 189). Abigail has no proof of seeing Sarah Good with the devil, she can only say these things. There is no such thing as the devil on earth, so in order to lie about Sarah Good being a witch, she has to lie about “seeing her with him”. When Abigail and the girls being freaking…show more content…
Danforth’s only evidence he has of any devils work is spectral. They have no proof of anything actually happening to the girls, and no one in the room can see what they are referring too. Abigail is the main prosecutor, and very selectively she will have outlashes. Whilst getting question about her accusations being lies, she beings to explains herself and outbursts, “Why do you come yellow bird?” (Miller 224). This is another illustration of how Abigail will make things up to escape being prosecuted. Dunsworth and the rest of the court take her accusations extremely seriously, even though there is no proof behind them. Many people were hanged and killed because of these fake accusations with no proof behind them, and this will forever demonstrate the corruption in the political justice system. In addition to the spectral
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