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Inspired by the 1931 Scottsboro trial, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee dives deep into justice and courage. The strength portrayed here vary in size and intensity so it shows one a wide range of application of the two concepts. From smaller battles expressing self control to saving two lives and the trial of a doomed innocent man, To Kill a Mockingbird gets readers to truly think about the applications of justice and courage in life.
Harper Lee opened our minds to the idea of a deeper story behind the actions of an individual with Ms. Dubose. She constructed the character of the old woman using words tailored to make us dislike her. Her antagonistic actions toward Jem and Scout cemented our idea that Ms. Dubose was a “bad guy” in the
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From the very beginning when Atticus explained to Scout why he decided to defend Tom Robinson he knew they had been “licked a hundred years before we started”(101). Despite that Atticus had to go on. The moral compass of Atticus Finch was a strong one that wouldn’t allow him to let an innocent man go without a proper defense. Knowing that Calpurnia trusted Tom Robinson and after hearing Tom’s side of the story he had to belief that Tom Robinson was an innocent man. His defense, despite being futile to an all white jury in 1930s Alabama, was well written and presented. Atticus put the need to fight for justice before everything else even though his fellow townsmen were urging him not too in a not always passive way. He continued even though he knew that he would not succeed and in doing so he showed true…show more content…
Some were more obvious than others but even the small ones had great impact on the story. Mrs. Dubose fought for herself, to control her addiction before her death. Boo Radley fought for Jem and Scout, he showed them kindness and protection even though he was trapped as well. Lastly, Atticus Finch, he fought for justice despite knowing he had no chance of winning, he still gave it his all and didn’t submit to the crushing judgement of his peers. Every person has the ability to show courage it just takes strength to be able to do so. In the end of us all, we will be remembered for our courage to fight for ourselves, our friends, and for the

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