Theme Of Juxtaposition In Siddhartha

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Siddhartha feels warm toward the people who he transports across the river. Although he grew wiser and wiser, he still felt wounded by his son. One day he decides to go back and look for his son but remembers that he himself did exactly the same thing his son is doing to him to his father. He hears the river laugh at his repetition of life’s pattern. He returns and tells Vasudeva about his experience at the location where Vasudeva found him.Vasudeva brings Siddhartha out to listen to the river and he recognizes Vaudeva as God himself. With Vasudeva’s guidance, Siddhartha listens to the river intensely and he feels his soul immerse into the unity and Vasudeva leaves Siddhartha forever to be a ferryman. And this shows juxtaposition as tohow both

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