Theme Of Karma In Macbeth

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Macbeth relates to modern society somewhat, As demonstrated by The theme of Karma. This is occurring attribution to society. In Macbeth the

main character shows a great example of Karma. This also seems to get most unruly and murderous people and villains of modern society, These people that make the same mistakes as Macbeth always end up with a flat load of karma. As you know karma is the term meaning you're only going to end up with as much as you output. In Macbeth's case he killed king duncan out of wanting to be king, and ended up getting killed as an after effect of this. Every action in this world has an equal and opposite reaction.

As you know the the of this report is Karma, as Macbeth quotes “unless the deed, go with
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Like i said you're only going to receive what you put out. Personally, being my own producer i believe that if you work hard and do what you're passionate about. Good things will come back to you in return. Life will also gift you with everything you'll need. These are all fine examples of how Karma can have a positive effect on life to the will of modern society. In macbeth's case he committed murder and ended up getting the old fashioned electric chair for his foolishness. Notice how macbeth received bad karma for his treachery of killing king duncan.

A Lot of people today in our society live life all around karma. If you're a bad person your will be treated badly. If you steal you'll be stole from. If you commit murder you could end up dead. As you can still see karma is getting back what you give out. If it's a bad thing you get bad back. If you do good deeds though, you get positive back.

Karma also ties into modern society by the united states judges and courts and stuff. Dang, those people know how to use karma. Punishment for murder went all the way from burning, to the electric chair all the way to the modern life sentence. As you can see society has a lot bin common with Macbeth's stupid mistake of killing king Duncan. If Macbeth didn't kill duncan he could've still been alive. But back
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