Theme Of King Arthur Hero's Journey

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Heroes make great sacrifices for everyone it can even be the person that they met yesterday. Every heroic story goes through the same hero’s journey which conveys many great themes. In the book, Excalibur the Legend of King Arthur by Lee and Hart, the hero’s journey archetype is used to develop the theme of the graphic novel. One of the many themes that was conveyed and portrayed throughout the graphic novel by the risk-taking characters was a great hero must make great sacrifice. In the first stage, the Departure, Arthur is constantly showing that he is a true, sacrificing hero. Arthur grew up as a normal kid raised by Sir Ector but he would constantly get visions about what a true king really is. In the beginning, Arthur is constantly…show more content…
Arthur is wanting to follow these rules and keeps it has his motivate to live by. He want to keep the people first. By Arthur living by this it can be seen that he is willing to make many sacrifices for the people and so that he could be a great king. This can connect to the hero’s journey archetype since he is just beginning to realize that his life is going to change and it not going to be what he’s used to when he becomes a king. Another example, Arthur rushes to save Guinevere and putting his life last and putting her life in front of her, "Thank you. You saved my life." said Guinevere, “I’m sorry. I have to help my brother states Arthur" (Lee and Hart). It can be see that Arthur is willing to help others and their safety before his own. While saving Guinevere from getting hit, Arthur was sacrificing himself since he could have died. This can connect to Hero's Journey Archetype on creating the theme since he is making scarifies for others which shows a true hero. In the process of fighting Ulric he knows that many sacrifices will have to come in the future to be a great king and hero. Finally towards the end of stage 1, the departure, Arthur is going to try to pull the
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